Hello Dero

Team Dero
October 10, 2021
A post introducing what our vision with Dero is and how we are getting started :)

Hello Dero!

In a world where pretty much everything is available at our fingertips, we believe it is increasingly difficult to make choices that are good for oneself as well as the planet. Given the extent human consumption has escalated over the last couple of decades coupled with the seamlessness of 1-click ordering, we believe that it is essential to have an alternative way of buying online.

Introducing Dero

Dero is a tool that helps you buy less and if needed to help you buy things that are good for you and the planet.

Dero's Hierarchy

Drawing inspiration from the Waste Hierarchy, we have designed the following hierarchy as a framework to help guide users to make better and wiser choices for themselves.

Dero's Hierarchy

The hierarchy mentioned above is the driving force for our product. Using the above system, we are starting with a very simple feature called "Express Check-in" to enable users to sleep on their buying instincts to see if they really need the purchase they are making. We would then want to give them alternative options to help them avoid buying and only in the end, do we encourage them to buy a "new" sustainable option.

Why "Dero"?

As our vision is to "derogate" people from the 1-click traps to buy less of things that they don't need and consume responsibly, we took the shorter version of the verb to become "Dero".

(derogate from) deviate from (a set of rules or agreed form of behavior)

We are just getting started on this mission and would love to hear from you.