Introducing Express Check-in

Team Dero
October 10, 2021
Dero's Express Check-in helps curb the temptation of fast buys which you may not necessarily need and guides you to better alternatives if you do really need to make a buy.

Introducing Dero Express Check-In

With Dero, our mission is to help people buy less things and orient them towards other ways to find the items on their cart.

With options like 1-click Check-out, making an impulse buy is easier than ever. While it could be pretty useful in some cases, there is a lot influencing ads or posts online that inevitably lure users to buy things that they may not need. And sometimes, we often end up buying things that we might need just for a short time frame or just once in a year.

What is Express Check-in?

Express Check-in is Dero's solution to addressing impulse buying by guiding users to sleep on their buys for a given amount of time before they reconsider the buy again. We make it super simple for users to "Check-in" with themselves if they really need that product & temporarily block the access to that particular page.

In turn, we will remind them after a brief pause if they still want to buy that product & also provide them with alternatives that are more sustainable. The options we show are driven by Dero's Hierarchy mentioned here.

How can I try the Express Check-in?

Currently, the Express Check-in is part of the Dero Chrome Extension which you can access here. Once installed, the tool will kick into action whenever you are on a commerce site to help guide you to make wiser choice for you as well as for your wallet and the planet :)