10 Best Sites to Buy Secondhand Cameras

Not only will you save money by choosing a used, secondhand or refurbished camera, but you’ll also be contributing to a positive impact on the environment. To help you on your search,here are some reasons why shopping used is a great option, how much money you can expect to save, and the best sites to buy secondhand cameras.

Purchasing used electronics can seem a little daunting. These purchases are typically an investment, but you don’t know exactly what you’llbe getting. The great news is that online marketplaces today are fantastic forfinding affordable options with some purchase protection to bring you peace of mind.


Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be contributing to a positive impact on the environment. To help you on your search,here are some reasons why shopping used is a great option, how much money you can expect to save, and the best sites to buy secondhand cameras.

Why Choose Secondhand?


While there are many different reasons someone may choose to purchase secondhand cameras, the two main benefits of shopping used or refurbished is saving money and the impact on the environment. When you purchase a used or refurbished option, you are helping to minimize electronicwaste and also reduce the use of the materials needed for manufacturing newproducts.


What Research Says


The EthicalConsumer is an organization based in the UK that focuses on alternative consumer methods for sustainability. After in-depth research on each company,they determined that no camera manufacturer is truly ethical in their production methods.


They determine their rating of ethicality based on toxic chemical production, waste, and more. Their 2019study revealed that many camera companies contribute to pollution and otherwaste factors. For most companies, their ratings were poor for overall sustainability and eco-friendly compliance. After their research, The Ethical Consumer has stated it is best to buy secondhand to reduce the overall impact of manufacturing.


How Much Money Can You Save?


Another great benefit to purchasing a used or refurbished camera is the overall cost savings. In general, the cost savings of purchasinga used camera (and related equipment) is higher than most other used products.Depending on the model you’re looking into, you can save between a few hundreddollars to even thousands of dollars.


The average “like new” condition cameras are 12% cheaper,which is roughly $250-$300 in savings. Purchasing a used camera in “very good”or “good” conditions results in roughly $500-$600 in savings, or roughly 27%.


Top 10 Best Sites to Buy Secondhand Cameras


Now that you have a good idea of what you can expect withcost savings, here are some of the best sites to buy secondhand cameras. Theseare great option for those who are looking for great quality cameras at anaffordable price with purchase protection measures taken. Many of these online marketplaces also have lenses and other additional equipment for purchase, aswell.


1. Adorama


Adorama is an online marketplace for all sorts of electronic equipment, but they have a great selection of cameras, lenses, and other gear. Their items are rated based on condition, which ranges from F (fair) to E+(excellent plus). Another great perk with Adorama is that returns are a simple process if you aren’t satisfied with your product.


2. B&H Photo Video


B&H Photo Video is one of the largest photo and video retailers in the United States. They have almost endless options of products that they sell new, but they also have a great used department of products.Their grading system ranges from “Well Used” to “Little to No Signs of Wear.”The company carries a three-month parts and labor warranty on your purchases,too.


3. KEH Camera


KEH Camera is the largest pre-owned camera store in the United States, and it is also one of the most recommended sites for used cameras. This store has great prices, a wide range of products, and excellent customer service and warranties to match.


4. LensRentals


LensRentals is another great option for purchasing used cameras without worrying about the quality of what you will receive. Each piece goes through an X point inspection, cleaning, and provision program after each loan. This site isn’t just for renting, though. You can select “buy” in the top right corner of each product page to purchase used cameras based on price and condition.


5. MPB


MPB is a company that has grown significantly in the last 5 years, and they are becoming known for their quality of used cameras. As with the mentioned companies, each piece goes through a thorough inspection and testing before resell. For the prices and a decent catalog, you can’t go wrong starting here. They offer a 7-day return window with a 6-month warranty for retailer’s products.


6. UsedPhotoPro


UsePhotoPro is another great retailer of used and new cameras that is known for their customer service. They have everythingavailable from modern digital cameras to vintage options, as well. You can also find accessories such as tripods, camera bags, and more.


7. WEXPhoto Video


WEX Photo Video is a well-known UK photography store with awide range of products. The used selection of their website includes DSLRs, lenses, mirror less cameras, CSC lenses, tripods, and more. They use a numericscale to rate their products based on condition and give a brief description ofthe cosmetic appearance.


8. Camera World


If you’re located in the UK or Europe, Camera World is a great option for you. Their website offers shipping across most of these areas.They have a selection of reasonably priced used items that come with a 6-monthguarantee. They also offer a 7-day money back guarantee.


9. CeX


CeX is another large secondhand camera (and other tech)seller that is based in the UK. On their website, you can find many options that you may not find in-store. You can search for specific items based on condition, brand, category, availability, price range, and more.


10. Swappa


Swappa is the last on the list of best sites to buy secondhand cameras, but it is certainly not the least. On this website, you’ll be to find a wide range of used camera and equipment. This company primarily ships within the United States, so keep this in mind if you’re looking fo rinternational shipping.


Shop Secondhand


If you’re looking to get into photography, whether it’s for profession purposes or even just as a hobby, there’s not doubt that the cost ofgear can add up quickly. By shopping secondhand, you can save up to 20% and make a positive impact on the environment, too.


Luckily, the world of online shopping has reduced the barrier to finding high quality and budget friendly options. This list of websites should help you get started on your search for the perfect camera within your budget.

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