Best Sites to Buy Secondhand Clothes Online

By buying secondhand garments online, you’re helping slow the growth of fast fashion brands and landfills. Not to mention it can be fun and exciting finding a rare piece you didn’t know your closet needed. The next time you want to do some online shopping, consider checking out these secondhand clothing sites before spending full price somewhere else. 

If you’re in the market for a great fitting pair of dress pants or the perfect little black dress, look no further than these secondhand clothing websites that are sure to have something you’re looking for. Buying secondhand clothes is a great way to help the environment and will have you doing it in style. 

Advantages to Buying Resale Clothing 

You Are Extending a Garment’s Life Cycle

One of the biggest reasons to buy secondhand clothing is that you are bringing new life to a garment. You get to fall in love with a piece and style it in new ways, and keep that garment out of landfills. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s (or woman’s) treasure. 

Secondhand Clothing is Unique

If you like to stand out in a crowd and have everyone asking, “Where did you get that sweater?” then buying resale clothing is for you. The pieces you can find are constantly changing, and there aren’t multiples being sold. You never have to worry about showing up to a party in a matching outfit with someone else.

Buying Secondhand Clothing Saves Money

By purchasing clothes from secondhand online sites, you can save an incredible amount of money. You’ll never pay full price, even on high-quality clothing from brands you know and trust. That means you can afford to do a little extra shopping.  

Eight Best Resale Clothing Sites

1. ThredUP

ThredUP is one of the biggest online consignment stores for clothing. The site offers women’s and kid’s clothes from more than 54 million sellers and 35,000 brands. They pride themselves on being one of the most affordable and size-inclusive online thrift stores. They’ve included filters that let your browse by sizes petite to plus size, brands, premium products, or accessories. ThredUP is sure to have some deals that are too good to pass up. 

2. Depop

Depop is a totally different kind of online thrift market from its competitors. The site is geared to look and act like a form of social media and even resembles an Instagram feed. You can buy and sell items while simultaneously showing off what you’ve purchased and sold. Depop leans towards an edgier side and definitely has some of the most unique fashion finds of all the consignment stores. If you’re looking for something bold and dramatic, Depop is the shop for you. 

3. Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia is considered to be one of the top sustainable outdoor clothing brands, and with good reason. Worn Wear sells gently used Patagonia clothing for men, women, and kids. They always maintain a high level of quality for their secondhand clothing and won’t put damaged items up for sale. They’re dedicated to corporate responsibility and want you to get the most use of your Patagonia items. They even have an Ironclad Guarantee that states they will repair any piece of Patagonia indefinitely, no matter how old the item is. Companies like Patagonia Worn Wear make secondhand buying responsible and fun. 

4. The RealReal

The RealReal has been shaking up the secondhand fashion world since 2011. The site offers luxury brand articles of clothing and accessories for a discount. The champion behind sustainability and diversity by ensuring that every piece they sell undergoes a rigorous authentication process that tests for authenticity and quality. That means you can rest assured that your high-end purchase is just that. Since most of the products that The RealReal carries tend to fall on the more expensive side, you’ll notice that quality control is top notch with them.

5. Poshmark

Poshmark is one of the most popular online thrift stores. Poshmark is a peer-to-peer thrifting website that offers an easy-to-use app for iPhones and Androids. Unlike some other sites that will post items for the sellers, on Poshmark, sellers simply take a picture and publish themselves. You can talk directly to the seller and even negotiate on price with the “offer/counter-offer” feature. They offer over 200 million items covering 5,000 brands ranging from Zara to Prada. There is truly something for every shopper on Poshmark. 

6. Swap

Swap is another great and affordable online thrift store. You can shop your favorite brands and styles with prices that start as low as just $2. Swap carries clothing for the whole family with sections including women’s, men’s, and kids and babies. They hand-inspect each item to ensure that they’re the best quality before sending them to you and even offer a 30-day return policy if you don’t love your purchases. There’s little risk and a lot of rewards when shopping on Swap.

7. Flyp

Flyp is based out of San Franciso and was born from the idea that if selling your old clothes were a little bit easier, more people would do it. The platform connects people who want to sell their old garments with independent professional resellers. Flyp only accepts clothing in good condition (no smells, rips, or stains) and won’t take lesser-known fashion brands or fast fashion labels such as Forever 21. With all of their policies in place, you know you’ll be getting quality products when you buy from Flyp.

8. eBay

When it comes to secondhand finds, no list is complete without eBay. Being one of the leaders of all the online consignment sites, eBay doesn’t disappoint when it comes to fashion. They paved the way for all online thrift stores and remain one of the most popular to this day. While it’s mainly peer-to-peer selling, quality control isn’t as high a priority as with other sites. However, eBay has policies to protect buyers from dishonest or fraudulent sellers. 

By buying secondhand garments online, you’re helping slow the growth of fast fashion brands and landfills. Not to mention it can be fun and exciting finding a rare piece you didn’t know your closet needed. The next time you want to do some online shopping, consider checking out these secondhand clothing sites before spending full price somewhere else. 

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