Best Sites to Buy Secondhand Books Online

The next time you get the insatiable itch to curl up with a new book, check out one of these websites first. You will feel great about reducing your carbon footprint, and you never know what kind of title you may come across when browsing the online bookstores. 
There’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes from cracking open a new book. Except maybe, an environmentally friendly alternative when buying a gently-used book. By purchasing a secondhand book on one of the many websites highlighted in this article, you are helping to bring life back to an old book and, often, save yourself a little money. 

Advantages to Buying Used Books Online

You Can Read More Books

If you are someone who immediately opens another book as soon as you finish one, buying secondhand books is the most affordable way to go. Used books are significantly cheaper than brand new ones, meaning you can put that saved money towards another book.  

Secondhand Books are Environmentally Friendly

By buying used books over brand new ones, you are helping the planet. Purchasing secondhand books mean fewer copies need to be printed and less paper usage. You get to help the environment by reusing old books and giving them a second life. 

Enjoy Reading a Book That Is No Longer Being Printed

There are numerous books that are no longer being printed. Finding a rare print of that book you have always wanted to read will feel like striking gold. The only way to add it to your bookshelf is to find it used.

Eight Best Sites to Buy Used Books Online 


“Giving used books new life is what we do best,” according to AbeBooks. With tons of books starting at just one dollar, you can fill your bookshelves with high-quality reads. You can browse through millions of books sold by independent sellers, and you’ll always know where your book is shipping from. The site offers thousands of classic novels and bestsellers, self-help books, cookbooks, children’s books, biographies and memoirs, and even affordable used textbooks for school. Many sellers also offer free shipping making AbeBooks a great site to buy secondhand books from.

Better World Books

While many companies nowadays are only chasing profits, Better World Books is always striving to give back. They seek to create positive change in the world through the millions of books donated and their literacy and libraries fundraisers. The site offers free shipping on countless titles, and every book purchased goes towards funding their mission. It’s hard not to support a company that wants to make the world a better place. 

Half Price Books

Half Price Books got its start in 1972 out of a laundromat in Dallas, Texas. It has since become America’s largest family-owned retailer for new and used books with customers and sellers around the globe. They offer a category titled ‘Superbuys’ that lets you filter books for $5 and under to get the biggest bang for your buck. The owners have recycled and donated more than a million overstocked books each year to local nonprofits and organizations worldwide, making them a company you can get behind. 

Thrift Books

Thrift Books boasts a collection of over 13 million used books to browse through, making it almost impossible not to find a title you’ll love. With categories ranging from comics and manga, suspense thrillers, teen dramas, cookbooks, and so much more, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. The site also offers many collectible books, such as first edition copies of classics, children’s books, and literature and fiction. Thrift Books even has a rewards program in place so that you can earn points for every book purchased that can be used towards your next book.

Powell’s Books

Powell’s Books started as an independent bookseller in Portland, Oregon, and now reaches readers around the world through their online website. While the site sells various new books, Powell’s also offers plenty of used books to choose from. Many titles have been published within the last several years, meaning you can find recently popular books as well as classics. While the newer, used books are not as heavily discounted as some older ones, the markdown is better than purchasing brand new ones. 

Second Sale 

Another great website to consider when purchasing used books is Second Sale. They have millions of titles to choose from, and every used book is inspected by hand for quality. Second Sale’s used books start at under 4 dollars and come with an easy 30-day return if you don’t love your purchase. If you are looking to make a little extra cash, they also buy used books. That extra money can be put towards your next great read. 


eBay is a great website to buy used books from. While most people are familiar with the vastly popular bidding site, it may not be one of the first places you think of when wanting to purchase used books online, but it should be. The selection is enormous, and anyone can start selling books through the website. This means you may come across an extremely rare book or find a title for a fraction of the cost you would find it for new. Most sellers will also include the condition of the book, too, so there aren’t any surprises when it shows up at your door. 


Seeing as Amazon started as an online bookstore back in 1995, it is no surprise it’s also another great option when wanting to purchase used books. While their audible books and ebooks have quickly become popular, they simply can’t replace the joy that holding a physical copy of a book can bring. That’s why with many of the book titles, Amazon offers the option to purchase a used copy of the book instead for significantly cheaper than the brand new version. And with generally short shipping times, you will be enjoying your new book in no time. 

So the next time you get the insatiable itch to curl up with a new book, check out one of these websites first. You will feel great about reducing your carbon footprint, and you never know what kind of title you may come across when browsing the online bookstores. 

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